From Cleveland to Raymore up to Parkville and back to Belton,  let's take a trip to Excelsior Springs and back.... again and again and again.  If we don't mind driving it, she will too. Just give her a heads up with a text or call and she'll meet you in a few.  Hours and hours she spends on her phone, setting up appointments around town we roam.  She's called the inspectors, and went even further,scheduling the bug man, sewer guy and even got bids from roofers.  We've woke her up early and kept her out late. " I promise Vicki, just a few more houses!"  Too old, too ugly, not enough rooms.  The yard is too small, I think I want a pool... My Husband and I probably acted like fools.  She chaperoned a visit for hours on Thanksgiving, any other realtor would have considered quitting!  Our kids really loved it, couldn't have been any better, unless we could have talked her into making dinner...

Thank you so much for your relentless hours of driving, talking, negotiating and occasionally being a referee.  We could not have wound up with such a wonderful home with anyone else!


Shane and Melissa Bolles


I was living in my house for over 7 years. I lost my job and got behind in my mortgage. Unfortunately my house went into foreclosure. I was lost, I know nothing of or how it worked. I got a card in the mail 1 week before my house was to be sold on the court house steps. I called the number on the card and that was the call that changed everything. Vicki Blaco went right to work in my behalf. Vicki worked it out so that not only did my house not get foreclosed but she also helped me pack and move my belongings. The bonus is that not only did she get my house out of foreclosure and help me move, she also was able to get me $3000 in moving expense because I qualified for HAFA. I would like to take this chance to say Vicki Blaco I thank you so much! God Bless You A.R.

I Rene M. and my fiancée Maribel E. enlisted the help of Vicki Blanco. Vicki Blanco was hired by us to assist in the short sale of our home. The location of the home was in Raytown, MO. Shortly before hiring Vicki to assist us with the short sale of our home we had been working with another person named Kathleen. We hired her to get our goal of short selling our hope but she was unsuccessful in meeting our needs. After Vicki was hired she brought the foreclosure of our home to a hault on 3 separate occasions. Vicki then negotiated with GMAC on our behalf. This was in order for us to be able to short sale our home. She did just that. We are now and in the future happy to work with Vicki and look forward to dealing with her in the future.